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Hex screwdrivers

Discover our range of hex screwdrivers – the must-have products of every basic toolkit. These types of keys are very popular tools for use in hexagonal bolts and screws. Thanks to the precision, they can work well with mechanic, service electronic job. If you are a professional, you know that small assembly parts require special implements. A well-made screwdriver will serve you for many years without the risk of bolt damage or rounding off the tip.

Here you will find an assortment of hex screwdrivers made by Asta Tools. Our products are compatible with standard sockets of bolts and screws used world widely. Ergonomic design ensures a solid grip on the handle which is additionally covered with non-slip gum. These automotive tools came in different sizes, though each one of them is very light and handy – you can choose the best one for you or make a set of them to your garage work. Asta screwdrivers come with an HX-ball which allows you to fasten at an angle. This way the product is more precise and prevents the blade from slipping.

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