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6 point sockets

To ensure the solid fastening of the bolts, you need to use special tools, such as 6-point sockets by Asta Tools. We offer you a set of utensils for works in professional workshops or in the garage. Unlike the 12-point sockets which are useful in some minor or very specific repairs, 6-point ones are sturdier and more of a heavy-duty. The force of wrenching is focused on the tick and flat sides of the socket therefore it prevents the slipping of the fastener and damaging it.

Here you will find 6-point socket sets as well as the single sockets of different drive sizes. Asta Tools created a range of durable tools for mechanic use – whether you are a professional or just occasionally tinker in your garage. Our products can endure even the highest torques of the ratchet wrenches without the risk of slipping. Thanks to the used material (high quality Cr-V steel) these automotive tools are both an attractive addition to your collection, and resistant to corrosion utensil. Choose the best products for yourself in AstaTools.co.uk.

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