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Glow Plug Seat-Cleaning Kit
Used to clean / decarbonize injector seats when changing injectors. Suitable for a wide range of modern Common Rail vehicles with injectors from Delphi and Bosch. SET INCLUDES:・14 x 14mm flate reamer – Universal applications ・15.5 x 15.5mm flate reamer -various models ・15.5 x 15.5mm angel reamer – various models ・15 x 19mm flat reamer – Universal applications ・17 x 17mm flate reamer – Delphi / Bosch injectors (BMW / PSA / Renault / Ford) ・17 x 17mm angel reamer – Merceds Benz CDI ・17 x 17.5 flat reamer – various models ・17 x 19mm flat reamer – Bosch injectors (Mercedes CRD) ・17 x 19.5 flat reamer -various models ・17 x 20 flat reamer – various models・17 x 21mm angled reamer – fiat / Iveco 17.5 x 20.5mm angel reamer – various models・19 x 21.5mm flat reamer – various models・1x reamer with PILOT 7.5mm, 13mm drive – dia. 15.5mm x 25mm, total length 225mm・1 x pilot with 19mm drive – 175mm total length・1 x T-Spanner with 19mm drive – 168mm total length

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