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S-HCTK Diesel Engine Compression Tester Set

S-HCTK is a professional Diesel compression tester set. Designed for tests in high-compression Diesel engines, it is extremely easy and intuitive in use. The set has 17 elements, including glow plug and injector adaptors, and comes in a convenient case with a handle. The compression tester can be used for both indirect and direct injection engines. It features a built-in pressure relief valve, which allows repeating tests without the need to dismantle. The tester’s elastic hose enables access to elements in confined and tight spaces. The gauge comes with a double scale.

The tester set includes:

  • Gauge: 80 mm diameter (1000 psi/70 bar)
  • Hose (equipped with quick release coupler) of around 460 mm length
  • 90° quick coupler
  • 9 glow plug adaptors: 120 mm total lenght M10 x 1, 100 mm total length M10 x 1.25, 115 mm total length M10 x 1.25, total length 110 mm, total length 115 mm, 55 mm total length M10 x 1.25, 75 mm total length M10 x 1.25, 70 mm total length M14 x 1.25, 55 mm total length M12 x 1.25
  • Screw adaptor: 30 mm
  • 2 injector adaptors: 63 mm M24 x 2 and 75 mm M20 x 1.5
  • Clamp plate
  • Replacement seal and washer set

Rating: 4.27 (85.4%)
Based on: 29 ratings

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