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A-BMWM62VAUPG Camshaft Tooling Vanos BMW M60/62
Camshaft locking fixture BMW V8 (M60/62) Exhaust Camshaft locking Tool x 2・ Inlet Camshaft locking Tool x 2・Camchain Pre-Tensioner Tool Flywheel Locking tools (E54-X5) and Range Rover ・Flywheel Locking Tools BMW M60 | M62 ・Vanos Solenoid Socket ・Camshaft Sensor Locking Tool (RH) ・Camshaft Sensor Locking Tool (LH) ・Secondary Tensioner Pins x 2 ・Vanos Adjuster ・Chain Tensioner Block (use with Camchain Pre- Tensioner Tool)

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