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Universal Caliper Wind Back Kit
Satra Brake Caliper Tool Set with RIGHT screw. The set has a screw which is made of ONE-PCS. And not fixed by a Pin to the adapter plate which gives you the best performance in QUALITY. The set comes with: 1x RIGHT SCREW-ONE PCS MADE Adapter 0: GM
Adapter2: Citroen Adapter3: Alfa, Audi, Austin, Bmw, Ford, Honda, FORD, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Rover, Toyota, VW, Adapter4: Alfa 164 -2.0, FORD, Mazda, Saab 9000… Adapter5: with 3/8″ anvil Adapter 6: Nissan Primera, VW Golf IV,.. Adapter7: Audi, Ford,..Adaoter8: GM Adapter9: GM AdapterF: GM Adapter N: Renault

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