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PFBGM13141 13×14 mm Double-Sided Ratchet Wrench

PFBGM13141 is a bent double-sided ratchet wrench that helps in car repairs of any kind. It is especially useful while fixing such mechanism like car ignition or other ones that are hard-to-reach. It was manufactured by Asta – one of the producers that are widely known for great materials and high standards of production. The tool is sturdy and can be used even for quite tough applications. Thanks to its build it is handy and people who make use of it are satisfied with its quality. It is one of obligatory hand tools in every automotive workshop, but it can also be useful in private garages.


  • Tool model: PFBGM13141
  • Size: 13 x 14 mm
  • Length: 172

Rating: 4.33 (86.6%)
Based on: 35 ratings

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