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PFBGM12151 12×15 mm Double-Sided Ratchet Wrench

Car repairs need a lot of tools among which should definitely be Asta PFBGM12151. It is a bent two-sided ratchet wrench that is indispensable in such applications like fixing a car starter. It is very handy in all difficult to reach places in cars and machines. The tool is quite small but strong enough to make work lighter and more comfortable. Made of excellent materials and with exceptional care for the best quality it will be useful in any workshop as well as for amateurs who want to fix their cars on their own.


  • Tool model: PFBGM12151
  • Size: 12 x 15 mm
  • Length: 156 mm

Rating: 4.33 (86.6%)
Based on: 35 ratings

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