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PFBGM08091 8×9 mm Double-Sided Ratchet Wrench

May PFBGM08091wrench be small but it is really handy and useful. It is a bent double-sided ratchet wrench for special applications. Sturdy and small it can be powerful especially when tight bolts must be loosened for example in car mechanisms which are hard to reach. It was crafted by Asta, one of the most regarded tool manufacturers. That is why it is reliable, durable and comfortable to use. Great materials used in production and special producer’s attention to high standards resulted in excellent tool that is used by professionals and amateurs.


  • Tool model: PFBGM08091
  • Size: 8 x 9 mm
  • Length: 129

Rating: 4.33 (86.6%)
Based on: 35 ratings

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