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Brake Fluid Tester
The tester can be used as digital brake fluid tester suitable for determining brake fluid quality. Developed for professional use in automotive repair shops and in servicing. Quality is tested and indicated on five LEDs in terms of “per cent of water in the brake fluid”. To Check Fluid Quality:
1. Press the button for power on, green LED will light up. 2. Insert the tester into reservoir for one second then the test result will correctly indicated by LEDs. 3. The tester will automatically power off after 12 seconds of inactivity. Changing battery: Battery (incl): one 1.5V, type AAA | Open
battery cover and remove old battery.
Attention! Replace battery if the green LED not light up any longer after you press power on button. Wash the tester probe with tap water after every use. In case of skin contact with brake fluid, thoroughly wash affected skin or clothing with water.

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