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A-R100V Air hammer 17.5

An air hammer A-R100V was created by Asta to provide customers with a powerful tool for many applications. Long-lasting device like this one has a cylinder and a piston produced with exceptional care and heat treated precision. It is a device for really heavy-duties which require hard-hitting blows. It can be bought with four different stroke lengths. The shop has got a great choice of such tools that will be useful for various needs. The device is advisable for small workshops as well as building industries. It has got a comfort D-shape grip with a switch on it.


  • Heat Treated Precision Cylinder and Piston for Long Life;
  • Heavy-duty Hammer Provides Hard-hitting Powerful Blows;
  • Available with Four Different Stroke Lengths, Wide Selection to Suit the Job.



  • Tool model: A-R100V
  • Speed: 2450 pm
  • Chuck: 63.5 mm
  • Weight: 7.3 kg

Rating: 4.8 (96%)
Based on: 10 ratings

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