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A-L2224 22x24mm Extra Long Flat Double Ended Ring Spanner (12PT) Length 431mm

A lot of industry branches require a good quality tools like A12224 extra long double-ended ring wrench. It can be used in every garage and automotive workshop and help mechanics do work quickly and comfortably. This kind of spanner is valued much more for its effectiveness than any other type. It was crafted by Asta that has interest in high quality so the tool was produced of one of the hardest materials. The wrench is made of chrome molybdenum with chrome finish. The price of the tool is really competitive taking its quality into account.


  • Tool model: A12224
  • Size: 22 x 24 mm
  • Length: 431 mm

Rating: 4.32 (86.4%)
Based on: 34 ratings

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