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A-L1315 13x15mm Extra Long Flat Double Ended Ring Spanner (12PT) Length 390mm

Workshops and factories need a good quality tools among which there should be an extra long double-ended ring wrench A-L1315. It is a tool crafted by Asta – a manufacturer that exceptionally cares for the best quality production. The factory uses best materials such as chrome molybdenum to produce hand tools like the above mentioned spanner utilized for special applications. The material was hardened and tempered so the instrument is robust and durable. Chrome finish makes it resistant to rust. The tool is definitely worth the price.


  • Tool Model: A-L1315
  • Size: 13 × 15 mm
  • Overall length: 390 mm

Rating: 4.32 (86.4%)
Based on: 34 ratings

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