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Battery Tester

Fast, accurate diagnosis and recording of battery faults.

Battery tests: Working voltage. Graphical and percentage comparison of battery condition. Tips about battery (recharge, change, change necessary). Suitable for: regular liquid, gel batteries, AGM (serviceless), VRLA (partly servicless), SLI (standard).

Printer: All tests made by battery tester can check on big and clear  screen with illumination adjustment and results can be printed. Integral printer will produce hard – copy results for your oun customers records.

Rated battery voltage: 6/12 V.

Rating systems: DIN, EN, IEC, JIS, SAE.

Test ranges: – 25-1300 CCA *Din; – 40-2100 CCA *EN; – 30-1500 CCA *IEC; – 40-2000 CCA *SAE

Rating: 4.3 (86%)
Based on: 5 ratings

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