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A-931 Air Knife Windscreen Bonding Air Cutting Garage/Workshop Car/Vehicle ASTA

An air hammer with a symbol A-H100V is one of the tools that are a must in a lot of workshops as they are intended for heavy-duty jobs. It is a very powerful device that can shorten the time of performing a lot of tasks and make them much easier. Among the advantages of it a great quality of the cylinder and piston should be mentioned which are manufactured with precision. This is a tool that will perform tough work for a long time. It is comfortable to use as it is fitted with a durable and well-fitting to hand grip with a switch at the back. The hammer is available with four various stroke lengths that will be suitable for a lot of jobs.


  • Air Knife W/1 Pcs Blade;
  • Speed:20000 rpm;
  • Metallic housing;
  • Air Inlet Ø 8 mm;
  • For many different blades.



  • Tool model: A-H100V
  • Speed: 2450 pm
  • Chuck: 62.5 mm
  • Weight: 7.3 kg

Rating: 4.7 (94%)
Based on: 9 ratings

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