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Auto Circuit Tracer Detector
Safety Instructions: 1. Only for testing DC voltage, don’t connect to circuit exceeding 42 volts DC under any circumstance. | 2. Do not use on AC voltage. | 3. Do not apply to any circuit, which directly or indirectly connect to AC lines or any other AC power source. | 4. Do not apply to any components or circuits of the ignition system. | 5. Before using this device, check the vehicle’s electrical writing and disconnect any part of the system, which is sensitive to voltage and current pulses such as air bags, electronic control modules, etc. | 6. After you finish checking vehicle, make sure you have correctly restored all the connections which you had disconnected. | 7. Always follow the instructions and procedures indicated in the vehicle’s service manual before attempting to disconnect any part or subsystem of the electrical circuit. | Exceeding the limits listed above when using this apparatus, or not observing the precautions listed above can expose you to physical injury and permanently damage your instrument, parts and circuits of the vehicle under test.

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