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Repair Kit For ABS Sensor Seating
For regeneration sockets ABS which are damaged during dismantling sensors. Incorrect cleaning and installation of sensors causes faulty measurements and the work of the ABS system. Only well prepares and cleaned seat allows for correct installation and operation of the new sensors. The finely ganglion mills provide accurate and axial cleansing seat. SET: (15 x 23 mm):MB A-Klasa, Mazda, Ford (18 x 23 mm): Audi,VW,BMW E36 i E46 Seat, Skoda ( 18 x 34 mm ): Audi,VW, Seat, Skoda (14 x 32 mm):BMW E38, E39, E60, E65, E61, E63, E64, E52, E66, E67, E70(x5), E71(X6) articulated ratchet 1/4″. Material:CrV

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