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Universal Pinchers For Hose Clips

1 – pinchers for line pressures clips: Allow for removal of hose clips, and for them to be held in an open position. | Allow for removal of plastic and metal self-clamping clips between 18 mm and 54 mm. | Precision clamping at the end of a bent line allows access to clips in hard-to-reach areas. | Pinchers possess a lock which facilitates work.

2 – Pinchers for clips with rotational scored jaws

3 – Pinchers for clips with rotational jaws: Rotating scored jaws allow for proper holding of large and small clamps from any angle. | Snap lock allows jaws to be held in 5 different positions. | Pinchers suitable to most types of elastic hose clips. | Lock allows for safe holding of hose clip.

4 – Bent pinchers for narrow hose clips: Allow for removal and installation of thin hose clips in hard-to-reach places. | Thanks to the bent jaws and the rotating tips, a clip can be clamped from any angle. | Snap lock allows clip to be held safely.

5 – Pinchers for narrow hose clips

6 – Pinchers for CLIC and CLIC-R type clips: Used for loosening and retightening of multi-use hose clips.

7 – Puller for bent lines: Facilitates removal of low-pressure lines, fuel lines, etc. Range between 4 mm and 12.5 mm.

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